Thanks to all for the fun day of participating in the Christmas story!

The story of Woody…

Woody was a lost toy at the church. Here are his adventures:

Woody at the board meeting

Woody waiting for his boy

Woody pretending to be Bill at choir practice.

Woody went back to his boy, so we have a new friend:

Meet Gracie!

Back with his boy


Summer activities included a roam around Rome in the Grace Church Fellowship Hall on July 14, 2019. Activities started at 12:00 and run through 4 pm. We had a great time tasting new foods, making crafts and riding our chariots around the fellowship hall!!

Christmas in July was a wonderful success. 

July 7-  10 children and their parents enjoyed Christmas in July at Grace. Each child received a Bible story book appropriate for his or her age, we sang carols and had a great time!


Grace Family Christmas Service – Featuring traditions from around the world!

Our Old Pal, Quimby








Just hanging around at Grace!