Missional Church Consultation Initiative

MCCI Update (Missional Church Consultation Initiative)

Update 10/24/21

The Administrative Board has made an important decision this year. They have decided to transition to a new church administrative model for leadership and decision making. This decision has come after several years of consideration and has been encouraged by Bishop Palmer and our District Superintendents. Many United Methodist churches have already transitioned to a “Simplified Leadership Structure.” This new streamlined form of congregational governance will make better use of our time and resources. UMC Annual Conferences everywhere are encouraging this development as they see the advantages of lean, more strategic church leadership. Our focus is to have efficient, accountable church leadership while getting more people involved in mission and ministry instead of committees.

The Nominations/Lay Leadership Committee will recommend a 12-Member Leadership Team to our current Administrative Board for consideration and a vote. The 12-Member Leadership Team will be comprised of members of the church who are faithful disciples who will represent all ministry areas in the church including, but not limited to: Finance, Trustees, Staff/Parish Relations, Missions/Outreach, Christian Education, Music, Member Care, and Hospitality. In addition, the Senior Pastor and the church Administrative Assistant will serve on the Leadership Team. The new Leadership Team will be introduced and will assume leadership responsibility at the Charge Conference held, Thursday, November 11 at 6:00 p.m. A description of the new “Grace Leadership Team” Guidelines will be available at Charge Conference. If you have any questions or thoughts for consideration…please feel free to contact me or Carol Friel, Administrative Board Chairperson. 

Additionally, we are currently reviewing the important MCCI recommendations the congregation voted to consider in 2020. In the coming weeks we plan to invite the MCCI participants to gather for a meeting to review and re-evaluated what comes next. In the meantime we are taking steps to accomplish a few of the initial goals:

1. Update exterior signage to better indicate our entrance points. The new signage will be installed in the coming weeks.

2. Continue to update all of our communication and social media practices, including building a new website

3. Reviewing plans to build a new media booth and installing media screens in the sanctuary.

4. Currently, the church offices and adjacent entry hallway are being painted and updated. Additionally, two rooms across from Fellowship Hall have already been painted.

    (Ned Weaver is working diligently to accomplish the painting with the assistance of Tracie Moss in some of the prep work).

5. Offering a new entry point and flow into the Church Sanctuary for worship on Sunday mornings.

I believe I’ve shared enough information for this update. In the coming weeks I will continue to keep you informed about our leadership and ministry plans. Please know your thoughts, opinions and

questions matter to me and the Administrative Board. We welcome and encourage you to contact us at any time.


Sunday, November 3, 2019 was a landmark day for Grace UMC, as the members present voted (in a special church conference) overwhelmingly to accept the MCCI Report and Prescriptions to help move Grace Church to the next level of ministry and mission in Zanesville and beyond.

Since that time several Prescription Teams have been developed and populated by members self-selecting in what ways to serve.

Team leaders were prayerfully considered and team meetings began.

Then, COVID entered the scene!

While it changed everything, some things continued.

Below is a brief summary of the present state of our MCCI Implementation.

Breakthrough Prayer Team – CHRISTY SWOPE

Having met our coaches multiple times in the past few months, the team is seeking new ways to engage the congregation in prayer.

During the month of November, the team is inviting you to pray daily this prayer of gratitude, and then to add your own personal prayer of thanks.  “Lord, I am grateful for Your love and protection…”

 Triad Development Strategy Team – RICK LAWYER AND MARGARET MERRY

Having had a training event in mid-summer, the team is continuing to brainstorm possible Triads (multiple sequential ministry events that are connected thematically to help us connect with others).

Sanctuary Welcome Space Assessment Team (SWAT) –


Touring a couple churches (in the West Ohio Conference) that have had similar renovation projects has been a learning experience.  Those visiting Athens First UMC as well as Hyde Park Community UMC, Cincinnati gave some new insights and ideas.

Sanctuary technology upgrades are also a continuing process.

Signature Ministry Research Team – COREY HAMILTON and RICK TUCK

Researching, studying, interviewing have kept this team busy, as they are narrowing down the possible ideas to present to the Administrative Board soon.  Several (COVID-friendly) prayer walks have taken place with others on the horizon.


Meeting monthly with Coach Bruce, this team gives support and encouragement to Pastor Mark as well as the Prescription Team Leaders.  Next meeting: Thurs. Dec 10th 1:00pm