Mark your calendar for the annual Family Program, December 8!! One service at 10 am will feature the families of Grace as we “O Come All Ye Faithful!”

The story of Woody…

Woody was a lost toy at the church. Here are his adventures:

Woody at the board meeting


Woody waiting for his boy


Woody pretending to be Bill at choir practice.

Woody went back to his boy, so we have a new friend:

Meet Gracie!

Back with his boy




Summer activities included a roam around Rome in the Grace Church Fellowship Hall on July 14, 2019. Activities started at 12:00 and run through 4 pm. We had a great time tasting new foods, making crafts and riding our chariots around the fellowship hall!!

Christmas in July was a wonderful success. 

July 7-  10 children and their parents enjoyed Christmas in July at Grace. Each child received a Bible story book appropriate for his or her age, we sang carols and had a great time!


Grace Family Christmas Service – Featuring traditions from around the world!


Our Old Pal, Quimby








Just hanging around at Grace!