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Rehearsals for choir and bell choir started September 6, but it’s never too late to join!


From our director of music:

As summer creeps toward its conclusion, I want to share a couple of musical experiments we plan to undertake this fall.

First – we are looking forward to assembling a men’s chorus to sing one Sunday in mid-September.  The men of the choir have already signed on, but this is an opportunity particularly for those of you who love to sing but who aren’t Chancel Choir members.  We will practice on a couple of Wednesday evenings (dates and times yet to be determined), then sing two anthems on a Sunday morning.  You don’t need to sing well.  The woods would be very silent if only the birds that sang were those who sang best.  (Henry David Thoreau).  You don’t even have to read music.  If you love to sing, please join us.

Second – as the Christmas season approaches (yes, Christmas!), we will be looking to assemble a children’s choir.  Depending on participation, we hope to sing one Sunday in December and on Christmas Eve.  It’s been difficult in the past to maintain a children’s choir because many children (and their parents) are already stretched thin with school work and school activities.  My hope, however, is that if we limit rehearsals to four Sunday mornings in November and December, enough children will be interested and willing to participate.  Our plan at this point is to rehearse on Sunday mornings from 9:15 – 10:00 a.m.  The dates are yet to be determined.

Thank you – Tony Merry



Enjoy these selections from the Easter service including music from the choir, the bell choir, bell solo and the sermon!


Consider joining the choir or bell choir. It is a great way to serve the Lord in song. There is always room for more!


Christmas Eve Service

Find the videos on our YouTube channel here: Christmas Eve Service, 2016. Enjoy!

Kuyasa Kids

We had so much fun watching these kids dance last spring. For more information about how to sponsor a child who has lost parents to AIDS, visit this website:



Christmas Eve at Grace will be coming soon!

Enjoy these video from Christmas Eve 2015. The Grace Bells performing and the final piece is Silent Night and benediction.  Click on the three lines in the left corner to get the menu to enjoy all three videos. Thank you Brian Cerney for the beautiful gift.




Special music for the summer:

Molly and Deborah Chow: 10,000 Reasons: