Missional Church Consultation Initiative

Latest report as of June 12

Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI) Update
Our MCCI Prescription Teams are in place with co-leaders and coaches.  Several Zoom (video conference calls) have taken place to establish organization and direction.  Many more to come!

The Signature Ministry Research Team, led by Dr. Rick Tuck and Corey Hamilton, along with MCCI Prescription Coach, Rev. Benji Sayre, is seeking input from you.

Hello Grace United Methodist Church Family!
As most of you know, GUMC is now undergoing a renewal experience through the Missional Church Consultation Initiative (MCCI). One of the recommendations is to research and establish a “Signature” Ministry to focus on a need of our neighborhood and community. This Signature Ministry is a high impact opportunity, which we can engage with and be known for, meeting the needs of our surrounding area. It is open and without restrictions, as we determine a priority focus for our local mission field.

As your Signature Ministry Research Team prayerfully moves forward, we would like your ideas and thoughts. What do you feel might be an area or ministry we should develop and consider as our Signature Ministry focus? We value any and all suggestions as we prayerfully consider our future Signature Ministry and the opportunity GUMC has to serve and grow in the future.

Please reply with your ideas and thoughts to: office@graceumc516.org

The Sanctuary/Welcome Space Assessment Team (SWAT) is 32 strong, co-chaired by Rev. Jeff Belt and Marcie Butterfield.  Following the MCCI prescription, the team’s goal is to “explore ideas and options that might cut down emotional and spatial distances so that the sanctuary becomes a setting for inviting and relational worship, as well as how a coffee/conversation/welcome space might be created.” Our prescription coach is retired pastor, Rev. Greg Stover, who has assisted other churches with the MCCI process.  His guidance and input has been extremely helpful; he is a good listener and attentive to our group discussions.  SWAT has met twice via ZOOM.  Jeff and I are excited by the interest, ideas, and suggestions formulated by this wonderful group of Grace people and look forward to sharing more with you as we proceed. We are challenged with the social distancing guidelines, but plan to visit, either virtually or in person, a few churches similar to Grace who have undergone sanctuary rejuvenations.  We are planning for the Grace Church of the future and our goal is to uphold the traditional beauty of our sanctuary, yet include tasteful, modern and functional elements.  Reflecting on our vision statement, “Grace will Gather to Worship, Grow Spiritually, and Go and Make Disciples”, we will do our best to perpetuate Grace Church as a wonderful place to “Gather to Worship”.  Please continue to pray for Grace Church as we move forward.

SWAT Co-chairs,
Jeff and Marcie

The Triad Development Team, under the leadership of Rick Lawyer and Margaret Merry,
Is preparing for an all church in person training event to be led by Rev. Joseph Bishman, an MCCI Leader, a retired United Methodist Pastor and District Superintendent.

The Young Dreamers Academy has been meeting since February (in person and also via Zoom Video meetings).  This gathering of young adults has been inspired and challenged by learnings from the book Chase the Lion: If Your Dream Doesn’t Scare You, It’s Too Small by Mark Batterson. The group will continue meeting monthly to talk and plan things to do. They are also doing a daily Bible Study App.

The MCCI Executive Leadership Team (Frank Dosch, Cindy Lawyer and Todd Sands) has been meeting with Pastor Mark and Executive Coach Rev. Bruce Tumblin regularly for the past several months and gives guidance and direction to the overall implementation.

The Breakthrough Prayer Initiative Team, under the leadership of Christy Swope, has been meeting with our coaches, Rev. Kurtis King and Rev. Ann Marie Carley, pastors from Trinity UMC in Chillicothe. We are presently seeking answers to this (or similar questions):  In what ways has God answered our Breakthrough Prayer?