Prayer Focus: 


The Prayer Ministry Team would like to invite the congregation to join them in a year-long adventure.

Instead of introducing a monthly prayer focus as we have over the past few years, we will instead have one main focus for the entire year. Beginning this month, we will explore ways to Pray, Care, and Share Jesus in our neighborhoods.

Part 1: Pray

All of us know the importance of praying for our friends and family to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and seek a relationship with Him. But it’s hard to know what to pray beyond “Bless them, Lord”.

Together we will first spend some time on “Prayer”. It’s the important foundation for the days ahead.
Join us as we pray Five Blessings for 5 neighbors for 5 minutes a day, for 5 days a week for 5 weeks.

As a congregation we will work together to B.L.E.S.S. our neighbors, expanding our prayers by using this acronym developed years ago by Alvin VanderGriend, to shape the content and pray in 5 different ways. It stands for:

B-Body: Pray for good health, protection, and strength.

L-Labor: Pray for their work experience and their financial security

E-Emotional: Pray for emotional health and a good quality of life; for joy, peace, hope.

S-Social: Pray for their relationships with their family and friends.

S-Spiritual: Pray for their salvation, that they will come to faith in Jesus Christ


Prayer changes your heart. We believe that this is the important first step and the rest will soon fall in place-the caring and sharing of your faith.