Slots Strategies – Payback Percentage, Bonus Features, and Theme


If you’re a sports fanatic, you probably want to learn more about the strategies for slot games. While you may not be able to play against other players, you can try to adapt certain tactics to improve your chances of winning. In this article, we will take a look at the Payback percentage, Bonus features, and Theme of different slots. We’ll also cover the odds of winning, so you can know what to expect from the game.

Payback percentage

Most casinos advertise the payback percentage of slot machines by using a cumulative return percentage (CRP). For example, a casino may advertise that its quarter machines pay out 93% of their theoretical payouts. However, if there were two machines that paid out 93% of their theoretical payouts, each would have a different CRP. The casino’s RTP is also referred to as the house edge. Because the payout percentages for slots vary from casino to casino, it is impossible to say for sure how many machines are actually in play in a given location.

Bonus features

Many slot players have heard of the term ‘bonus feature,’ but what exactly does it mean? It simply refers to the special features that a player can activate during the game. Bonus features were not always present on the first slot machines. In fact, they only involved symbols, which made the slot-playing experience a rather boring one. However, as software developers wanted to create more diverse titles, they added intricate mechanics that would make the game more exciting for players.


Themes for slot games vary widely, but one common thread unites all of them: visual appeal. These themes make for good first impressions, and attract players’ interest. Popular themes include football clubs, classical fruit, exotic locales, and even world-renowned movies. Similarly, there are many developers who have bought the rights to popular themes. Themes should be accessible, yet relevant to slot players. Listed below are some tips for selecting the right theme for your slot game.

Odds of winning

The chances of winning a slot game are calculated according to the return to player. The higher the percentage figure, the better. For example, 97% return to player implies that for every $100 you spend, you will receive $97. Of course, to make a profit like that, you would have to spend weeks playing the machine. The average person only visits a slot machine a few times in his lifetime. However, there is no guarantee that a slot machine will be successful.

Choosing a machine with a high RTP

To increase your chances of winning, choosing a slot machine with a high RTR is crucial. RTP stands for return to player, and the higher the number, the more money will be paid out to you over time. However, a higher RTP does not mean a better slot machine. This metric is not universal, and the best way to choose a slot machine with a high RTP is to look for the game’s help button or paytable menu.