This just in!! A new pastor will join Grace members on June 27.

Letter introducing our new pastor





Update on Covid-19 Status (Dr. Jack Butterfield 3/2/21)

Here is an update on our local COVID-19 status as it pertains to GUMC. I have been watching our case reports and per capita numbers on a daily basis. On 2/18/21 I presented to the board that the per capita case rate in Muskingum County was 345, and I was very excited that this number had decreased so dramatically over the prior several weeks, and this number continues to fall on a daily basis. This morning, the per capita rate is 157, literally half of what it was on 2/18. This is very good news!

Now, realize that we remain in the RED risk level designation, indicating that there is still a high risk of community spread of this virus. However, several factors have changed since October:

We entered RED when our per capita was between 50-100 and we triggered 3 other indicators in the Ohio Public Health Reporting System (OPHAS). Off and on during the ensuing several months, we triggered 5 indicators, approaching PURPLE.
For the last month, we have only triggered 2 indicators.
The data used to trigger the other 5 indicators in OPHAS are all trending favorably, meaning that it would take a significant hike in infection rates to trigger additional indicators.
Once we drop below 100 cases per capita, we will not again turn RED unless we trigger a total of 4 indicators. And I just stated in #3 that all that data is trending favorably. Therefore, when we drop to ORANGE, I would expect to remain ORANGE until we eventually drop to YELLOW.
Our community, for the most part, seems to be embracing mitigation efforts, especially masking and social distancing.
Warmer weather is coming. This will lead to more outdoor activities that are, by nature, socially distanced.
The vaccination of our population is proceeding. And the recent approval of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will substantially increase the availability of vaccines to those that qualify.
So far, the mutation variant strains of the COVID virus are still susceptible to the current vaccines.
Therefore, I think it is a reasonably safe time to consider returning to in person church services, realizing that it is not 100% risk free.
The CDC has continued to advise it is too early to relax mitigation protocols. With these recommendations, we are not relaxing protocols. Rather, due to improved local circumstances, we are providing an opportunity for the congregation to worship in person, as long as they continue to practice the protocols. As we get closer to the end of this pandemic, we can and will revisit this, and be able to relax the recommendations for safety in the church setting. But, the only way we will actually get to that end is if we plan to protect each other, now.

Jack Butterfield, MD
Medical Director
Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department
205 N 7th St.
Zanesville, Ohio 43701
Phone: 740-454-9741 Ext 264










What it may look like when we Return to In-Person Worship
You will be lovingly greeted by the Hospitality Team, who will be wearing face coverings/masks, and directing you to the Shinnick Street Entrance (up the steps to the Sanctuary).
If you do not have a face covering/mask, one will be provided for you.
As you wait to enter the building, there will be signs to allow for safe distancing between the individuals/family units entering the church.
The doors will be propped open for you.
Hand sanitizers will be strategically located. You will be encouraged to wash/sanitize your hands upon entering. As you enter, you will proceed to a Welcome Station just inside the Sanctuary, where you will be greeted in a loving way, asked for your name, email and phone number, and if you have any COVID symptoms or recent exposure to COVID. (If you have any symptoms, you will be kindly asked to return to your home and monitor your health, calling your doctor as soon as possible).
You will be directed to follow a member of the Hospitality Team, who will escort you to the next available seat. In order to maintain a safe and clean environment, we will seat people beginning from the front of the sanctuary.
You will discover that there are no pew cushions, pew pads, hymnals, Bibles or bulletins.
While entering the Sanctuary, we will seek to minimize close contact with others.
One set of restrooms will be available for use. After each use, they will be cleaned and disinfected. A member of the Hospitality Team will be available to assist you in returning to your seat.
During worship, there will be NO congregational singing, responsive readings, or unison prayers.
Following worship, you will be dismissed in the opposite way you entered. The last row will be dismissed first, as directed by members of the Hospitality Team.
As you exit, you will be encouraged to sanitize your hands.
Doors will be opened for you as you exit the Sanctuary.
You will proceed directly to your vehicle.
The Church (Sanctuary, Restrooms, etc) will be cleaned, disinfected and sanitized following worship.

Out of love and concern for each other, we are encouraging all to do everything in your power to stay safe and healthy!
Through it all, we remain the Body of Christ!







We are the Church
As the Body of Christ, we love and care for each other in a variety of ways.

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Service Opportunities
Please know we are concerned about your well-being and health. We have a team of volunteers willing and available to assist you. If you have a need for groceries, prescriptions, transportation, etc., please email: or you may text/call: 740.258.8429

If you would like to be part of a team to help others with their various needs or to reach out with Christ’s love to someone, please email:

Worship Opportunities
We invite you to worship with us either in person or online. For those who feel comfortable with in-person worship, we will plan to meet in the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings, beginning March 28th, with worship beginning at 10:00am.
For those who prefer online worship, we will live-stream (and later post) our Online Worship Celebrations beginning at 10:00am each Sunday morning on Facebook.
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